BEAR CREEK GREENWAY was established in 1992 through a cooperative effort of Jackson County, Oregon Parks Foundation, and Bear Creek Greenway Foundation.

Greenway Board Members at the time of founding:

  • Lee Mills
  • Patty Feinstein
  • Joan Enloe
  • Bob Lindstrom
  • Mark Chinn
  • June Duhaime
  • Lee Mills, President
  • Joan Enloe, Treasurer
  • Al Densmore, VP
  • Jackie Baker, Secretary
  • Wes Reynolds, Newsletter Editor
  • Eileen Adee
  • Joy Olson
  • Mark Chinn
  • Richard Ripper
  • Tom Foster
  • Loren Sawyer
  • Mike Freeman
  • Jeannie Matthews
For more information about the Foundation, call 482-4927


  • Karen Smith, Jackson County Special Projects Manager

"Bear Creek Greenway Trail Guide" (booklet) was produced by:
Pacific Northwest Museum of Natural History
321 South Mountain Avenue, Ashland, Oregon 97520
Phone: (541) 488-1084 Fax: (541) 482-1115

Illustrations by Tonia Blum.

Text by David Kennedy, Bob Quaccia, Tom Foster, Ron Lamb
Volunteers for the Pacific Northwest Museum of Natural History.

Editing and Production by Irene Brady, Nature Works, P.O. Box 1139, Ashland, Oregon 97520.
Phone: (541) 535-3189.

This web site is based on the booklet "Bear Creek Greenway Trail Handbook," the "Welcome to your Greenway" brochure, and "Connections," the Greenway Foundation newsletter.

Web site design, layout, HTML, scanning, photography, updating, and maintenance by Donald L. Mark. Begun in 1996.

Donald L. Mark
Photo by Lloyd Bloomstine

"I have lived in the Rogue Valley since 1988, when I retired from teaching special education for the Curry County Education Service District. My interest in photography dates from my teens; my interest in computers began in about 1983; and I have been producing Web sites for about three years.

"I was just thinking today, as I stopped to look at some buds on a bush near my home, that until I started the Greenway Web site and the Lithia Park Web site, I never would have stopped to look at buds. I have learned a lot from doing these sites, and I hope everyone who looks at them learns a lot also."

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If you have photos of sights along the Greenway, particularly photos of people walking, riding, jogging, or skating, and of children on the Greenway, and of groups of people using Greenway facilities, and if you would like those photos included in this Web Site, please let Don know. Particularly sought are photos of bike riders and skaters who are wearing helmets, and school classes studying Greenway features.