Become a member of the Bear Creek Greenway Foundation!
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The mission of the Bear Creek Greenway Foundation is to support acquiring land, restoring and protecting habitat, enhancing safety and security, constructing trails and bridges, and developing park facilties within the Bear Creek Greenway for the benefit of the gneral public.

The primary objective of the Bear Creek Greenway Foundation in the 1990's is completion of the Bear Creek Greenway trail as a multi-use foot-and-bike trail from Ashland to Central Point.

By becoming a member of The Bear Creek Greenway Foundation, you help to sustain our efforts to inform the community. And by participating in the "Yard Sale" you help to maintain and extend the Greenway. Remember, your membership is tax-deductible.

Please fill in this form and print it using your browser's "Print" function and send it with your check or credit card information to:

Bear Creek Greenway Foundation
P.O. Box 4561
Medford, OR 97501

Bear Creek Greenway Shirts: Number: Size: Style: Amount: Name: Company: Address: City: State: Zip Code: Phone: Membership levels: $600+/Patron $300+/Benefactor $120+/Sustaining $ 60+/Contribution $ 35+/Family $ 15+/Individual $ 10+/Student/Senior $ ___________________

Greenway "Yard Sale":

Toward completion of the Bear Creek Greenway foot-and-bike trail from Talent to Ashland, I/we want to sponsor yards at $40.00 per yard. Total "Yard Sale" : $ Total "Membership": $ Grand Total : $

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