The Ashland Trail


THE ASHLAND, OREGON, section of the trail is now open. The trail is fully surfaced and sweeps gracefully through creekside woods and natural areas. The Ashland section of the trail offers splendid opportunities for walkers, joggers, bicyclists, skaters, strollers, and wheelchair users. It provides a place to exercise, birdwatch, walk your dog (on leash, of course), and escape from the noise and bustle of the city.

Inside the Greenway, a quiet prevails. The sounds of the city and traffic are dampened by trees, banks of blackberries, and thickets of creekside vegetation. Benches located along its course provide places to sit and relax. Here one can find moments of peace and renewal, be cheered by the chirping of birds, or be soothed by the song of the creek.

Balancing Rock, one of the many interesting
sites along the new Ashland trail.

As more communities become connected, as the creek and natural habitat improve, and as businesses to serve travelers develop, the Greenway will grow in value as a community asset, further enhancing the quality of life for all in the Rogue Valley.

Other scenes along the newly-completed Ashland Trail.

Homes for wood ducks

Cartography by Eric Janota.
Photos by D.L. Mark.

More scenes along the newly-completed Ashland Trail,
these after the February snow.