The Central Point Trail


WITH THE NEWLY ADDED segment reaching from North Medford to Central Point, the Greenway is moving toward completion of the Ashland to Central Point trail. The guidebook for this section will soon be ready.



The Greenway follows an ancient travel route. When the first settlers arrived, they found a well worn pathway along Bear Creek to make their passage into the valley easier. The trail had been in use by Shasta and Takelma Indians over centuries of moving to seasonal food sources. Walking or riding the trail today creates a sense of connection both with the land and its past. Today's trail also holds promise for the future, by lessening pollution and lightening the burden on nature and our airshed.

Scenes along the way, from North Medford to Central Point.

Bear Creek is a primary asset of our community, for recreation, for wildlife, and as a source of water for drinking and irrigation. An important function of the Greenway is to provide a buffer of natural habitat between the creek and nearby developed and agricultural lands. With this buffer, the creek can repair damage suffered over generations and maintain its water quality into the future. In addition, the Greenway habitat acts as a natural sponge, helping control the creek's flow in times of high water.

The Greenway also provides a refuge for wildlife. Fish are returning as a result of improved water quality. Beavers, otters, raccoons, turtles, and a host of bird species now have homes along the creek where they can thrive.

BEAR CREEK GREENWAY FOUNDATION is a private, non-profit organization dedicated to helping Jackson County complete and manage the Greenway corridor.

FOR MORE INFORMATION call (541) 776-7268, or write the Greenway Foundation at P.O. Box 4561, Medford, Oregon 97501.

Cartography by Eric Janota.
Photos by D.L. Mark.