Information for Students:

Use any material—text, graphics, and/or photos—from this Web Site you choose in reports and papers you write.

Dr. Nancy Crane, University of Vermont, was very generous of her time and expertise in providing sample bibliographic citations for electronic publications:

Kennedy, D., Quaccia, B., Foster, T., Lamb, R, et al. (1992). The Bear Creek Greenway,
published by Northwest Museum of Natural History, Ashland Oregon, illustrated by Tonia Blum. [Online]. Available HTTP: http://www/ [1996, July 5. Photos by Donald L. Mark.].
—The date at the end is the access date. The note, in brackets can state whatever you deem important for inclusion. The place of publication, etc. is all embraced in the Web address, so that really becomes the important descriptive information for the electronic version of this work. The date given as the second element is the date of loading on the WWW.
Kennedy, David, et al. "The Bear Creek Greenway." Ashland, OR: Northwest Museum of
Natural History, 1992. [load date]. Online. InfoStructure, Ashland, OR. Available HTTP: 5 July 1996. The original edition was published in 1992. Photos by Donald L. Mark.
—The notes appear at the end of the citation if one adheres to MLA style.

Dr. Crane, author of Electronic styles: A Handbook for citing electronic information (1996), may be found on the Web. She welcomes your email questions about electronic citation.